Remote Apartment Access Systems For Apartment Management Companies

The latest technology in home security includes the installation of a wireless remote apartment access system. For apartment and condominium owners, a keyless entry system offers many benefits. It can give you added security and peace of mind while giving you more options for managing your property. Apartment owners or condo managers that need access codes for security measures in several units on a building can send them remotely to apartment dwellers using a simple wireless device. This way, maintenance personnel can enter units with ease, eliminating the need to have large, bulky keys hanging off of keys chains throughout various units on a complex.

Many people enter a unit without even realizing it is an apartment community. Owners may come and go throughout different units on their complex using different methods such as a keypad or wireless doorbell. It may not be until a maintenance person checks the unit after hours that they find out that someone has been living in it illegally. If this happened to you, the use of code entry systems would eliminate the need for a human being to key into each code every time a resident leaves an apartment. Remote codes are sent through the use of a wireless keypad on a smartphone to a base station, which then submits the codes to an online database.

The database will contain all of the codes related to the complex. If an apartment management system provides multiple apartment communities, each with its own unique code list, the system can search for each individual community's code. After entering the code, the system will display information about the unit such as its square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other amenities. If a resident already knows the complex's codes, they can simply use the system to identify units that they want to live in. In the past, residents of apartment communities had to go to the office of apartment community management to obtain access codes for each individual apartment community. Not only was the process time consuming and confusing, but there were also the expenses of traveling to the city to receive codes.

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Apartment managers no longer have to worry about entering each complex's codes themselves. Residents will have the option to use a mobile device that works like a smartphone. These devices make it simple to locate an apartment with its unique code. They also make it easy to identify common complex rules such as pet policies and rules concerning maintenance. When a resident wishes to enter an apartment community's wireless code, they don't have to go to the complex's office to do so anymore.

For residents who need access codes accessible through the internet, there is a new service called Apartment Manager Pro. This service is provided by apartment communities and is a subscription based service that gives residents immediate access to their codes through a secure internet connection. Once a resident enters a complex's wireless code through the Apartment Manager Pro website, they can instantly obtain detailed information about each floor and apartment. Each code also has contact information. Residents can also view each individual's security and maintenance records through the website.

Apartment managers can also check up on each unit's status including expired dates of leases and deposits. With the help of Apartment Manager Pro, apartment managers can update residents on whether they are on a leasing agreement or not. Apartment managers can also check the status of subtenants and other members of the complex.

Many apartment management companies in New York City have been ahead of the pack when it comes to offering code access. They make sure to install wireless devices that allow code entry from any location. They also monitor the wireless codes of every unit in their complex or neighborhood to make sure residents always have access to these codes.

Remote codes allow resident's the ability to quickly find an affordable and safe place to live. Now residents of apartment communities can look up any complex's wireless codes in the convenience of their own homes. They no longer have to go down to the complex's office or stand in line to use the phones. With the new technology, today they can easily use codes from their laptops and personal digital assistants. Remote access codes have made the apartment hunting experience easier and more profitable.

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